Over one thousand visitors poured into DegreeArt.com this First Thursday


To say that the opening night of ‘A reality of Their Own’ by up and coming artist Abigail Box was well received is an understatement. Guests were treated to drinks as well as an atmosphere that surrounded the street.

Over a thousand art lovers flocked through the doors of the Degree Art.com gallery, to view the large canvases themed with indoor-outdoor imagery. Paintings that clearly Box has poured her heart into for her first solo show, producing work of substance over quantity (although the latter is not lacked).

The portrayals of animal’s wandering into human environments ‘feeling a sense of belonging and displacement’ which makes the audience question how true that statement is. Such is the urban environment that Box has translated through all of her work, she questions who is invading who? The colourful and accomplished ‘Sofa So Good’ (2011) featuring two polar bears seated majestically on a red floral sofa does this greatly, the painting offset by a block off light florescent pink show a signature that Box is not afraid to play with.

Box quotes “There is a point where in the mystery of existence contradictions meet.” Through this quote Box has tied together an evening of both visually and mentally stimulating imagery as seen in her signature piece below, she is not afraid to toy with such matters of existence.

Much of her series could be seen hanging on many walls soon, a successful night of true appreciation, which has already started murmurs for an encore.


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