LA 2011

Art trip with Nicola Anthony. Flag Stop. art fair held in a selection of shipping containers. Array (Sponge installation) 2011, Olga Lah. The White Walls are Shifting panel discussion. Ryan Noble. Nick Lisca Hudson Link. Travelled to Santa Ana to visit Orange County Center For Contemporary Art (OCCCA). Light installation 2011 Joella March. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Jeff Koons Inaugural Installation. Band 2006, Richard Serra. Ai Weiwei Zodiac Heads. v. cool vegan restaurant. Baño Gallery meet Oram Bleicher.


Light installation 2011 Joella March


Flag Stop


Array (Sponge installation) 2011, Olga Lah


Performance. Ryan Noble



Word Sculpture 2011 Nicola Anthony


Gallery day with Joella March. 


Jeff Koons


Band 2006, Richard Serra


Oram Bleicher. Baño Gallery

all photos

Other Trips


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