“The Fabelist is a community of artists, performers and writers that: Exposes the PROCESS behind finished pieces, forges PARTNERSHIPS between disciplines, enables PROJECTS that share this method and, at all times, encourages PROGRESS.”

The Fabelist gorup puts together an exhibition every four Months based on a central theme. The current theme is Imprint. I’m collaborating with fellow artist Nicola Anthony. In the words of Francesca Nell Goodwin, director of The Fabelist group:

“THIS IS WHAT WE DO!! Fantastic collaborative work done today by Nicola Anthony and Abigail Box. They’ve been brainstorming together for an imprint project, based around their respectively chaotic diaries and reflections on time passing. As the Christmas lights flicker into life and, the last leaves of autumn bid their adieus to spindly branches this is a very apt and well considered team effort. For inspiration check out their ideas here…

As well as the four month projects we also organise pop up events which bring art into the community. The next pop up event is the second ‘breaking bindings’ event. It will be on the 8th December at Alfies Antiques in Marylebone. We will be inviting both children and adults to take part in ‘A Story A Day’ where we will continue last months efforts in making illustrations for a story book.

"We will be working on the art book during the day and then celebrating its completion and all of your lovely submissions with their late night opening and cocktail evening. It would be great if everyone could come and support the event or, come for a social afterwards.”


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