Let’sMotiv | Interview on La Braderie de l’art

By Judith Oliver | Friday, November 26, 2010
Indemodart Indemodart | translated from French

So Sabine, what to expect for those 20 years?

“Already, we have explored a record number of candidates. I can tell you that the selection is more excellent than ever. Thank you Sabine. Remember, these volunteers are applying for a unique experience to say the least: 24 shut themselves in the Condition Publique with the sole objective of achieving a the best works of art from junk objects (thank you Emmaus) and selling them, for between 1 and 250 euros.

But what caused this escalation of aspiring artists? “Between the event which scatters in Nantes, Lyon, Montpellier, Barcelona and Cork, and operations as Nainportekoi success, we start by having a pro and amateur monster. It has generated huge flows. But we must also say modestly that the flea market of art is a hy-per trend, “says Sabine behind her large glasses.

All this does not tell us what to expect. Saatchi Gallery requires, at the 20th edition there will be a slight English accent. Among the 150 lucky winners selected from projects (a project ad-hoc), there were 14 Londoners. “We chose sharp, painters, graphic artists and designers from the best schools in the City.” How not to be struck by the plant typography of the genial Anna Garforth. For the Braderie De L’Art, this reputed eco-designer transforms natural materials,

as does the painter-collagist Abigail Box and the two collective Regis R. All the artists will pick from a 3000 square metre warehouse full of junk, a “supermarket of Recycling”, from which to make art.

To ensure that the phlegmatic English does not make any fire sales, Sabine and her cronies have thrown on this issue a rain of wacky animations they have the secret workshop of customization, a parade of drum majorettes, DJ sets, a mega-raffle hosted by Disco Toilet … For sure, we will not get bored. It remains for us to find the rare pearl.


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