(Note) (Statement) ABSTRACTION / close up | Jan 2013

Most recently I’ve been painting from imagery which is in some way abstracted. Imagery like this has less recognisable content which means I can focus more on working with paint as a material and on what is
possible to create by doing that.

I’ve been choosing images which have strong areas of colour or tone and then projecting them up onto canvas and painting over the projection. I project them large enough so that when I’m up close painting there is no subject matter to contend with.  All of my focus is going into how I apply the paint, the colours I use and the marks that I make and to make something visually exciting.

In making forest fire and explosion paintings I have been working with images which contain these strong compositions of colour.  The outside and inside of the forest cave has strong lights and darks and the photography of forest fires are a mess of greens with explosions of bright yellow fire streaming across them.  Those have been really exciting to paint from, especially captivating from close up, then stepping back and looking is always exciting.

This ‘up close’ approach has allowed my painting style to become less calculated and I’ve been able to incorporate more of the mistakes and accidents that happen, which I find sometime to be the most interesting parts.



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