Unit 3 Projects is proud to announce our forthcoming exhibition

In All Directions

Abigail Box

Samuel Overington

PV 18th January 6-9 PM (artist talk at 5, so come early)

FB event

Exhibtion Continues
Saturdays and Sundays from 12 – 4 PM or by appointment throughout the week
19th January – 7th February 2013
Unit 3 Empson street
London E3 3LT

Tube: Bromley-by-Bow, Devond Rd DLR

Direction is the stasis within any dynamic that considers its presence as the present point within a duration of that momentum. It defines its past as prior and its future as subsequent. It is a physical attribute describing subjects within a space and time, and then extends beyond the physical capacity of space, into the metaphysical through the use of semiotics, ideas and language.

In All Directions is a space in which Abigail and Samuel have set up to explore mutual similarities within their own practices, revolving around the term direction. The nature of intention was a departing point for both, where within Samuels work he explores, through the unpredictable nature of drawing the moving body, the intentional and unintentional gestures of (contact) improvisation. Abigail explores the nature of gestures within painting, when the loss of the greater context of an image becomes the point of focus, allowing for both intentional and unintentional marks to drive the painting process. She uses this ambiguity as a visual invitation to look and then reinvent the tactile nature of paint as a surface.

Abigail has also been exploring dynamism within the static image. Her recent paintings of explosions suggest the potential of an eruption caught mid-trajectory, where a moment is caught between the images future and history. Removed from the context of the thing that is exploding, the explosion becomes an abstract painting of bright colour, bold form, and dynamic shapes; a burst of energy and matter spreading outwards in all directions.

Dynamism and stasis are mirrored in Samuel’s work as two of the fundamental ideas behind his drawing practice. Line is used as a tool to measure and describe the body in motion. Drawing Contact Improvisation, a modern dance practice started in the 80s by Nancy Stark Smith and Steve Paxton, he uses its unpredictable nature to explore the physical attributes of movement. His style of drawing both measures and describes an improviser in terms of direction and form; following and translating their movements into line and stance.

2013 Samuel Overington


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