Reading in Victoria Park with G, James, Molloy, Ryan, John, Ed, Noah and Kristyna.

Reading Time II

Nice morning going down to see the Bow Arts Painting Prize with Beck, Ryan and Collin followed by a drink at Deans Yard out in the sunshine.  Ryan’s fact for the day “the average spec of dust is halfway between the size of the earth and a subatomic particle”.  Later on Ed brought a book so big he carried it to the park in a suitcase on wheels.

I was reading A Bigger Message – Conversations with Hockney and Martin Gayford.  I liked a part where Hockney talks about using his iPhone to make pictures with…  “The iPhone makes you bold, …I’ve looked at them blown up on a big screen, and they made me very excited to because you didn’t have any loss of colour, and instead of the finger doing it, it looked as if you were doing it with your arm swinging round.”


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