Grayson Perry ‘Who Are You’ at National Portrait Gallery

TV series

A Map of Days: Grayson Perry A self-portrait as a fortified town, the wall is perhaps my skin.  Each day I worked on it I finished by marking the point with the date to highlight the passage of time in the production of art to reflect the forming and reforming of one’s identity.  The ‘self’ I think is not a single fixed thing but a lifelong shifting performance.  In the centre is an open space; there is no pearl, no central core; our ‘selves’ are but shifting layers of experience.  My ‘sense of self’ is a tiny man kicking a can down the road.

The work is amidst the permanent National Portrait Collection.. photos above are portraits of (left) Henry Lamb 1914 (self portrait) and (right) Sir Eduardo Paolozzi 1952 by Cathleen Mann 

Nearby the portrait of Christabel Pankhurst by Ethel Wright I overheard a uplifting conversation between a mother and daughter, mother explaining about how the Suffragettes paved the way for her daughter to live the life she lives.  It made me laugh at one point when the daughter finished one of her mum’s sentences before she got to the end by suggesting that women are able now do everything better than men rather than simply on equal terms.

… followed by steak at Flat Iron!


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