EDEN AMISS at Unit 3 Projects

The exhibition features a mural by Luci Eyers and paintings on canvas by Sofia Silva.

Luci Eyers and Sofia Silva began to collaborate in 2013 with a series of drawings inspired by an intense correspondence between the United Kingdom and Italy. The two artists are deeply grounded in their national history of painting, but after a while they began to tell each other burning secrets. Eyers whispered that she was ready to betray Constable for Sienese painting, while Silva revealed her full intent to shake Tiepolo and Frank Auerbach in the same cocktail.

As with every work by both Eyers and Silva, Eden Amiss reflects an awareness of social and political concerns as well as the most excessive and rash love for Art History. The Eden of the title is the present-day lacerated and bare Middle East, but it’s also an Orientalist East of incense and prostitutes waiting along the docks, as well as a desert walked by shepherds and ruled by rams. The cruel flatness of Eyers’s mural and Silva’s copper flesh clash and declare war on each other.


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