15 Jan

massive day.  breakfast followed by introduction to Becca’s work.  “sticking distance between you and the work”  how important is the presence of you in your work?  ‘That we project our own practices and experiences onto the work of others’.  “Art is just aesthetic choices“ Maria (past Trélex resident and Camberwell classmate).  Around midday we set off  “cycling around the local area, stopping off in the forest to install a load of fabric and whipped cream in the trees.”  Not before losing Talisker the dog out of the front door and chasing round after him for half an hour.  He had the time of his life whilst we we fretted over him being run over.  The woods were wonderful – peaceful – vast – felt like there might not be anyone around for miles.  “Lighting fabric fires”.  Becca had bought with some squirty cream and we made lots of short films of us both squirting the stuff into moss covered tree trunks and along tree branches.  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Blair Witch Project.  End of the day walking through forests in Trélex, Vimeo.  Back at the studio we make soup whilst Nina brings us up-to-date with her own art practice.  Now aware of the conflict felt between painting and science / never any solutions just further ‘investigation’.  Interrogating the value attached to mark making…  ‘some thoughts on Painting’ – NR.  Touch.  Damn stuff.  How working alongside one another means there can be more space within a conversation and that you can follow thoughts for longer.  “I like going through life lightly” – NR.  How tensions and conflict can be a positive thing but that it’s good to know what they are.  Pavel Buchler.  Cement.  After all that I’m exhausted and have a tonne of thoughts werring round my head.  I sort through the photos taken today in the woods and go on an upload mission.  Muriel Rodolosse arrives in the evening to stay for a few days while preparing for an exhibition in Geneva at Gowen Contemporary – Laura Gowen and oh my, represents Lynette Yiadom-Boakye whose work I love.  We talk about work, trucks, galleries in France (D.C.A.FRACFIACDuchamp prizeXippas Galerie are showing Farah Atassi at ArtGenève) and we plan to meet up in Geneva tomorrow evening to go around all the galleries which will open up late on a Thursday (we ended up getting the date wrong).  Muriel’s own work seems interesting – I’m looking forward to seeing it at the opening.  Short Whatsapp conversation with Dean Melbourne, mostly we hypothesize about dream studio spaces and art libraries.

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