Jan 19 (week two)

Straight into work.  Talisker straight up onto lap.  ‘close-up of the painting I’m working on’ – I’m banned now from leaving any white on the canvas @trelexresidency”.  In the background Becca is watching art attack and Tony Hart – we like the way Tony say “tissue”.  I’m using a gloss paint.  It begins to snow.. stereo vision, the volume of the space, of course, we’re unable to film it the way that we see it, reminds me of Urs Fischer’s installation at Sadie Coles Gallery.. with the multicolored raindrops… the sensation of optical parallax..? (remembered from a conversation I had with Caroline Lambard).  Big brush vs small brush..

I like to use a small brush for large areas of canvas sometimes, I think because it has me consider the space more.. the work will gradually expand rather than immediately appear.  Stop for lunch and cook a bloody good chilli.  Chats include: the work of David (Mr Nina) as a philosopher, war ethics and ethical leadership in business.  Relationships and the idea of communal living, traditional and nontraditional.  Back to painting and making drawings of the fabric.  “Luuk Schröder – Self Portrait As A Photographer @trelexresidency”.  Becca and I talk more about sensations within her work, about sometimes being too close to your own practice to know what it’s about.  Yoga DVD – very 80’s .. almost twin peaks… pretty surreal with some awkward casual poses thrown in “this will help you to chill the fuck out”.  DMC.  We’re back one up.

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20 Jan >

Lovely Limbs, video piece

Becca playing with the yoga video footage in a piece titled Lovely Limbs


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