22 Jan

Writing in bed.  Becca comes in to tell me about the Skype interview she’s just had, 

it’s for an eight-month artist residency at City & Guilds Art School.  My fingers are well and truly crossed.  We talk about situations conducive to conversation… on the telephone, going for walks, in the bath, back of a van, pillow talk.  I explain that I’m attempting to write a small text on where my focus has been on the residency so far..  roughly:

> Depth of field (focus) and sense of depth (space and perspective)..  how to achieve this technically (conversations with Nina about mid-tones, saturation, layers, translucency) blurry against crisp.

> Real vs imagined / in part working from life or photographs as well as elements which are made up, invented.  Fabricating situations to then use loosely, as in creating the fire in the woods with fabric and using the stone patterns as a rough template for areas of forest and.. composition.

Talking think this through via our understanding of camera settings.. and wonder what more could be done in making a painting than in taking a picture in terms of depth of field.  Decisions, areas, focus, detail.  How is it most relevant to painting?  More on sensation.. the ‘feel’ of blurring.  The painting I liked by Richter which was not blurred.  Mountain series.  A conversation I had with Jim Pearson while at Camberwell on control of focus and detail – it didn’t register at the time but later became very relevant.  If we were to make a show with the work how best to engage with these ideas… how a conversation between paintings can explore an issue on a wider scale.  “under construction”…  as a viewer we want to piece it together for ourselves and to be intrigued enough to want to.  This has been a productive conversation.  I register that there is a bath and take one.  Afterwards, we quickly (as we need to leave in an hour) get wrapped up in the yellow fabric and some of the constructions netting that Sarah Blascock left behind.  We wrap them around us as though they are ball gowns and parade around the studio to ‘I’d rather dance with you’ by Kings of Convenience (thanks Yuki).  Shove regular clothes back on and dash out of the house to catch the train to Geneva in time for Muriel’s exhibition.  “@abi__box #outandabout Muriel Rodolosse at Gowen Contemporary … De l’oxygène !.  Fanny joins us there.  After, we go back to Laura’s for home cooked dinner and drinks.  In one room there is a large piece by Lynette Yiadom-Boakye!!  “@abi__box TateShots: Turner Prize 2013 Nominee, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye Video”.  People, Lea – Laura – Cécile – Michel, Valerie and Jonathan – Bridget – Cheeri – William, Gille and Cheero.  Bof.  Discuss a day in the life of an artist and so I show Michel the one of my studio time lapse videos.  Talk a lot about the residency and I think I invite the whole world to our Saturday coffee morning… except that it may now have turned into an afternoon/evening ‘gathering’… need to sort that out tomorrow morning.  Four of us leave together in time for the last train home to Trélex – cup of tea in the kitchen together – just before I go to bed Becca calls across the studio to tell me that she’s been selected for the residency!

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