28 Jan

Straight into painting from out of the window, deepen some areas.  “building up mostly with @winsorandnewton Terre Verte and Davy’s Gray @trelexresidency”.  

A bit more art mapping “I keep mixing up my latitudes and longitudes on @googlemaps and marking @trelexresidency events in Somalia”.  I go back to the smaller painting of the fabric and begin to give it some context.  The sky around trees.  Council pop.  Another thing for the shopping list, Golden Gel Topcoat.  “ha @RMolloyArt has accidentally made YouTube tongue porn! 300 hits @Nicola_Anthony new one for odd fetishes unintentional celebrity gang?”  How have we run out of food?  Shopping – we have the drive and the shopping down to under an hour.  We make a rough meal plan in order to illustrate to me why we don’t need to buy the whole vegetable aisle.  Power shower.  Dinner is soup, fish fingers, peas, and ketchup.  Nicolas Feldmeyer, damn he has a way with words. “Becca’s in bed watching her own video art. again. @trelexresidency @RMolloyArt

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Thick, tough bark – the piece that came out of painting from observation.


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