Curating Painting | Eliza Gluckman and Marcelle Joseph In Conversation


Marcelle Joseph: always asks about the growing up environment of an artist, where they come from, did they grown up around art, what was happening at the time.  demonstrating how art fits at home, biannual salon at own home.

Eliza Gluckman: every show begins with a conversation or studio visit.  Appreciation for the communal spirit and generosity of artists to champion and connect with one another.  Some artists “can never quite be contained by the canvas’.  Chloe Steel – orange painting with sky and rocks.

If I was a painter I would be…  I thought this ties in with the quote I like from Dexter Dalwood about looking around and thinking about what isn’t there that you would like there to be.  I often think about this question with regards to music but (although by already being a painter the question isn’t obvious) actually when I did begin to apply it to my own painting practice I began to make work I was much happier with.

“although, if the exploration of a medium is significant enough then it generates ideas by itself” Paul Carey-Kent (paraphrased) (re. painting as a tool to convey an idea vs painting for the sake of painting)


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