My practice is currently focused on using landscape to explore painting and using painting as a means to explore looking and observing.  Especially with regards to space, how things take up space and how the illusion of space can be created.  My subject matter is situated between foliage from different parts of the globe, including Yorkshire woodlands, Swiss alps, the Everglade marshes, Bermudian jungle, anywhere I’ve had the opportunity to be around. Like brushstrokes the different flora fluctuate wildly in ‘style’.  These regional nuances have begun to inspire my own vocabulary of mark making.

This series of paintings, some oil on canvas and some a more experimental watercolour on Perspex, have been inspired by the time I spent in Bermuda.   They’re done on a small scale so that I could pack everything up to take with me on my hire scooter and paint in situ.  I stopped off to investigate any area which appeared to be overgrown with jungle, returning repeatedly throughout the trip to a few standout locations such as Southlands Nature Reserve.  Ant bites and claustrophobic humidity aside, it was enriching to make work in these secluded yet busy surroundings.  The light is filtered through leaves and is yellow and green, the quiet is filled with the hum and clicking of insects and the breeze through the trees, an inspiring atmosphere for translating to canvas.



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