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Joan Jonas, Songdelay, 1973 Tate as part of Between Object and Architecture

Songdelay 1973 portrays a series of performers moving within the post-industrial landscape of New York City

A pioneering combination of film and performance, Joan Jonas‘ Songdelay depicts a collective action that incorporates film, sound, sculpture and dance.

Fourteen people, including the artist Joan Jonas, perform choreographed actions using props such as mirrors, hoops, chalk, ropes and wooden bricks. These actions are composed and recorded in long takes that are edited so that the lines and trajectories created by the performer’s rhythmic movements seem to fragment and reshape their surroundings.

Sound and image are separated, as noises from the location, such as the horn of a passing merchant ship, alternate with the voices of the performers and the percussive sound of pieces of wood. This disconnection between the visual and the aural is what gives this pioneering work its title